Via: This comes back to me every year about this time, as lots of parents I know get ready to send their kids off to college. College is a new experience for so many of these kids.

Dear God, Please bless my children. For this I pray: May they thrive in any economy. May they be safe and protected. May they be healthy and happy. May they be uplifted by love. May they be strengthened by opportunity. May their days be filled with fun and play. May all their needs be met—always. […]

Via: The parents of 13 students with disabilities say there was no warning or due process when the state closed down their charter school.

All across the airwaves,  media outlets reported long standing children’s’ show, “Sesame Street” was pulling the skit of singer Katy Perry and Elmo’s remix of “Hot and Cold” off their season premiere episode due to excessive comments from parents complaining about too much cleavage from the “I Kissed A Girl” star. What appeared to be […]


Here are some common questions about teething – and some common sense solutions.

A woman once told me that I was selfish for waiting to have kids. I explained to her that I did want children but not until I lived my life and was more financially sound and could raise my kids without worries about money. 

In nonsense law suits news, The Center For Science in Public interest has drummed up a B.S. law suit against McDonalds for manipulating kids into wanting to buy Happy Meals because of their toys. “McDonald’s marketing has the effect of conscripting America’s children into an unpaid drone army of word-of-mouth marketers, causing them to nag […]

Tiip: Stop and ask about the pictures and about what is happening in the story.

Should a child’s choice of shampoo really be a factor in their education? Ask Charles Mudede, who’s 8-year-old daughter was moved from an honors elementary school class due to the teacher feeling nauseous from the child’s olive oil based hair product. The child was allegedly brought outside the classroom and eventually moved to a different […]

The lack of information given about the "accident" that led to actor Gary Coleman's death, is causing his parents to think that there is something more to this traumatic story.