Who are the victims? Victims often are kids on the fringe who have been rejected by others in their peer group. This makes them an easy target for bullies. Because bullies like to win, they pick on kids who won’t or can’t fight back.

A new survey of African-American youth has found that almost half report considerable pressure to have sex. The results, which were derived from the answers of 1,500 youth ages 13-21, will be featured in the October issue of ESSENCE magazine.

What your kids are drinking daily has a big impact on overall nutrition. Made from 100% fruit juice with no added sugar, Nestlé Juicy Juice 100% Juice is a delicious, easy way for you to ensure your kids get at least one of their daily recommended servings of fruits*.

Via: defendernetwork.com When the Taylor family’s new swimming pool was completed, the builder was about to fill it with water. But Erin, a New Jersey mother of three children – two of whom were nonswimmers – stopped him: “Not one drop of water goes into that pool until the fence is installed,” she insisted. Erin […]

Via: defendernetwork.com With children out of school for the summer, many parents face an immediate need to find qualified and dedicated child care providers.

World Champion Boxer Laila Ali and husband Curtis Conway welcomed their second child Sydney Conway early Monday morning.  She tweeted the good news about her new bundle of joy later Monday afternoon.

Parenting is a hard job. It’s the one job where a great deal of what you do you learn on the fly. It is however one that if you were given a firm solid base you have a ‘leg up on”. It is by far one of the greatest, yet most daunting things that one […]

A central Georgia couple has pleaded guilty to having their 14-year-old daughter engage in sex with a man so that they would not have to make monthly payments on their secondhand minivan.

Via: defendernetwork.com Twenty-three years after being snatched as an infant, the victim of a hospital kidnapping cracked the cold case herself when doubts about her bogus “mom” led her home. Carlina White – just 19 days old when her late-night abduction by a phony nurse stunned the city – was reunited last weekend with her […]

Via: defendernetwork.com Parents’ concerns about Internet safety used to be confined to the computer. Today, kids have more access to the Internet through smart phones and gaming devices so the potential for cyberbullying is greater than ever.