It’s 2017! After a long, crazy 2016, we made it through to the new year. As Erica Campbell & GRIFF celebrate, Erica asks GRIFF what his New Year’s resolutions are for 2017, but his answer isn’t quite what Erica was expecting. GRIFF explains why he doesn’t believe in doing New Year’s resolutions, and what he […]

In this edition of GRIFF’s Prayer, GRIFF notes that even though Thanksgiving is over, many of us might still have relatives staying in our houses. GRIFF explains that he loves having company, but not when it lasts a bit too long. Often, when the holiday excitement wears off and a work week begins, the house […]

Praiseman's Recipes

Eating anything other than pork, greens and hopping johns (black-eyed peas and rice) on New Year’s Day is something like a sin. This traditional dinner…

If you’re like me, then you’re readying yourself for an epic night out of partying so hard, you’ll rival “The Hangover” and the sequel. Must…

2014 is upon us and I’m a big believer in ringing in the New Year with a bang! Every year, several of my friends end…


via:foodnetwork This is another instalment of Our Favorite Holiday Recipies. Start the new year off with this Rachael Ray’s Fried Mozzerella recipe that’s quick and easy!     Click here to start a healthy new year!


via:foodnetwork This is another instalment of Our Favorite Holiday Recipies. Do you want your black eye peas to be better than usual? Tyler Florence has you covered with this spicy recipe! Need More Ideas For The Countdown Party? Click Here!

  via:christianpost   Behind Easter and Christmas, Mother’s Day draws the highest attendance in U.S. churches, a recent study shows.  LifeWay Research, a Christian research center, asked 1,000 Protestant pastors what the three highest attendance Sundays were throughout the year. Easter was first, indicated by 93 percent of the pastors asked, followed by Christmas with […]


  via:yahoo   Tuesday is 1/11/11. How often is every digit in the date the same? It happens more often than you might think, and these calendar coincidences have been the cause of some big celebrations.                           

                This is another intallment of Praiseman’s Holiday Recipes. The new year is coming and just in case you don’t have your good luck menu ready, the Neelys can help you out with the black eye peas recipe. Happy New Year! Click here to get your menu ready […]