In a special editorial piece for The Huffington Post, FLOTUS shares why the mental heath of both children and army veterans is more important than ever, also explaining how the Affordable Care Act works with patients to help get the care they need.

 Yolanda Adams explains how your mental health is crucial to your relationship with God, as well as creating a peaceful, happy environment for yourself, your family,…


When natural hair icon Titi Branch, co-founder of the wildly successful hair-care line Miss Jessie’s, committed suicide in December 2014, shocked supporters were left devastated.…

Everybody stresses. It’s just a fact of life. However, while a little stress can actually help keep you focused, too much of it doesn’t do…


(HOUSTON) — When people compulsively hoard possessions in their homes, whether its cats or other items, it can pose health and safety risks.  The City…


Could you imagine Deer Park, Friendswood or La Porte disappearing in a single year? Approximately 30,000 Americans die annually as the result of a suicide, nearly the same amount of people which lives in each of those cities. Fortunately, there are warning signs to look for which indicate you or someone you love needs to […]

Via NewsOne.Com A newly released study published in the Psychological Services journal says that Blacks who are better educated are significantly less likely to seek the services of a mental health professional than their white counterparts. “Past research has indicated [that] people with higher education levels are more likely to seek out and receive mental […]

If you are an avid music lover like myself, you most likely woke up this morning with a song floating around in your mind. That song followed you through your daily routines, rolling around in your head like the apple in your lunch bag, causing you to hum along and maybe even dance a bit […]


Let’s just face it: life can be pretty overwhelming at times. If you are holding down every aspect of your life: family, social life, career, love/sex, spiritual life etc. – then you know what it’s like for relationships and situations to constantly evolve, grow, move and change. Yet, life can quickly carry us away, leaving […]


Many people suffer from seasonal depression because of the decrease in daylight that occurs in the fall and winter along the hormonal changes that comes along with it. Spring is here and it’s a great time to step out of that dark  rut and add some light to your life! If you could use a […]