For this Get Up Poll, Erica Campbell and GRIFF ask listeners this important question: when is the right time to send your kids out of the house and into the world? In a time when even the vast majority of recent college graduates move back home, the answer to such a question is certainly not […]

In this edition of the Joy Living, Erica Campbell simply reminds us not to let anyone steal our joy. She says, if little things like posts on social media can steal your joy, then you didn’t have enough it to begin with. Still, even when its a bigger deal, like when you’re shopping around your […]

Today’s Ericaism is inspired by social media, which can be a place, Erica Campbell says, where people focus too much energy on things that are much too small to deserve all that energy. She asks us, if we have 24 hours left to live, how many minutes would you allow yourself to use on being angry, […]

More American women are living with their partners before tying the knot.  According to a new National Center for Health Statistics poll, Between 2006 and 2010 nearly half of the women aged 15 to 44 “cohabited” with their partners without being married, compared with 43 percent who did so in 2002 and 34 percent in […]

According to published reports, the mother of the children found living inside an abandoned school bus is fighting to bring her family back together. From the…

Well here we are; a new year has dawned upon us.