In this prayer from Kev On Stage, he talks about wives not knowing what they want to eat.

via: 1. Myth: Only women can get breast cancer. Reality: Dads, husbands, and brothers can develop breast cancer, too, but it’s far less common in men than it is in women. Every year, about 2,000 men will be diagnosed with breast cancer, compared with about 200,000 women. Read More

By Perry Noble via:christianpost THIS post last week (10 Things Men Should Consider About Their Wife) received a lot of attention in regards to facts that men should consider about their wives…and so this week I wanted to write about seven facts that a wife should consider about her husband. #1 – As a wife […]

Men may try to act strong in the face of a partner’s disease, thus internalizing stress and emotional pain. In the Danish study, the likelihood of a man requiring hospitalization increased with the severity of his partner’s cancer.

  “I took a long time to realize I’d developed some distorted perceptions about biblical submission,” admits Brenda Waggoner, author of The Myth of the Submissive Christian Woman (Tyndale). Because the issue of submission is so emotionally charged and hotly debated, I interviewed Brenda, a licensed Christian counselor and prolific author, to address what the […]

By Milan Ford January 4, 2010 8:23 am It is a known fact that I love (and only eat) plain cheesecake. My wife Imani (on the other hand) does not. In fact, she doesn’t like plain cheesecake at all. So when deciding on which assortment of cheesecake slices we would get from the grocery store […]