Holiday Guide

On behalf of the staff of Elev8, we’d like to wish you a Happy New Year and a safe, peaceful and prosperous 2011!

  This is another installment of Praiseman’s Holiday Recipes. Arron McCargo Jr. from Big Daddy’s House has a great recipe for a twist on a favorite, fried chicken. Get your cast iron skillets ready! Get more Kwanza recipes here!


Via:  The Greater Houston Area Kwanzaa Planning Committee I am because we are. We are, therefore, I am. Kwanzaa Schedule December 26, 2010 Unity December 26th Umoja Kuhichagulia Self-Determination December 27th Ujima Collective Work and Responsibility December 28th Ujamaa Cooperative Economics December 29th Nia Purpose December 30th Kuumba Creativity December 31st Imani Faith January […]

                    Here is another installment of Prasieman’s Holiday Recipes. The party is at your house tonight and you need a fruit tray. Paula Deen has a great tip on a fruit tray and a dipping sauce to go with it. Need some last minute ideas for […]


You know how we like to take you back! Here’s the legendary superstar Ray Charles joined by the world famous 120-member Voices of Jubilation Gospel Choir of Newark New Jersey singing some of your holiday favorites in a clip from 2003.

              This is another instalment of Praiseman’s Holiday Recipies. In recent years, the christmas dinner has been difrerent from the turkey and all the thanksgiving fixings. Have you ever wanted to do a rib roast for your hungry holiday bunch? Paula Deen has a simple recipe that will be […]

              This is another edition of Praiseman’s Holiday Recipes. Try something new this holiday! Get this recipe and become the semi-homemade cook of your kitchen. Sandra Lee will show you how to make this wreath with only a few store bought items!

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Here is my pick of On Demand holiday movies for quality viewing with the visitors in your home this week and next!