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It’s always interesting to watch my family and friends get along better during the holiday season. I think it maybe the temperature of the weather being cooler so it calms everyone’s nerves or maybe it’s just the idea of it being Christmas.

Whatever it is things sure do change around my house and in the places I go. It seems like everyone pulls out that smile that’s been stashed away all year or a song that just needs to be sung. People may be more at peace and willing to share because the need to love and be love is so evident during the holiday season. I think this is also because many of us refer back to our childhood when it’s around Christmas time. Because we think about our childhood we become more sentimental and more likely to feel the desire to snuggle or to just be held. I think of how I myself will plan away on how I can get down to a sunny Florida Christmas each year.  I have passed up many great parties in LA along with fun times with great friends here but yet and still something about spending Christmas in my childhood home with mom and as many brothers , sisters, and now nieces and nephews as possible seem much more rewarding to me.  So what is it that you do around this time? Are you running back to your hometown or looking for that special someone to reconnect with? If you are it’s ok because chances are they are looking for you too.

Maybe the reason why loving is easy around this time of the year is because of the spirit and flavor of the holiday. That when you think of Christmas you do think of a babe born in a manger wrapped in swaddling clothes. That there was this child that was born escaping death by a mere miracle just to fulfill prophecy that we would need a savior. This baby would be born in a miraculous way to some virgin that was as humble as the babe she was to give birth to. When you think of all that Jesus represents it’s no wonder people feel the need to love and be loved around this time of year. Even in the gift giving it’s evident that the greatest gift of all was given during this time. Now of course to say that Jesus was born on the 25th of December  would not be a totally accurate statement but the fact that His birth is recognize during this time allows for the notion that what you believe reflects what becomes your reality.

So is it possible to have this Christmas love all year round? Of course it is but that’s up to the individuals who dare to remember the birth on a daily basis. Think about it, if it’s possible to want to love and be love one month out of the year surely it can be done several other months as well. Maybe even for all 12 months of the year you can find some reason to celebrate Christ birth by loving and giving to someone else. If you are more on the practical side of things then consider remembering how innocent you was when you were a child and love from that place in your heart. In essence this is how we were commanded to love anyway when Jesus said, unless you become as a little child it would be impossible to really please the Lord. So this Christmas Season I encourage you to reflect on how beautiful it is to be in love, share love, and to give love then remember that it’s something you can have all season long if you choose to.

During this holiday season choose love over hate, choose faith over fear, and remember it’s easier to give then to receive. Merry Christmas!

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