What may not have been a traditional graduation speech has now captured the heart and souls of many.

However, the 17-year-old is taking a year off before she attends the Ivy League university.

Yale University said it would continue to name a residential college after John C. Calhoun, a 19th century slavery defender. University officials decided, however, to stop addressing residential faculty as masters.

Harvard University's president acknowledges the school's complicity in slavery. She will unveil a plaque honoring four slaves who lived and worked on the campus.

A committee at Harvard recommended removing the law school's official shield over its link to slavery. This comes amid protests and heightened racial tension at Harvard and other universities regarding historic symbols of racism.

Harvard appoints first African-American faculty dean. This comes on the heels of a medical school student petition calling demanding diversity.

A small fragment of papyrus paper centuries old reveals that Jesus may have been married.  Although its authenticity has not been validated, the ancient paper from the 4th century reveals eight series of texts in the front and six in the back in which Jesus mentions a wife, and that she may be his disciple. […]

President Obama‘s Former Professor states that he must be defeated in the election for his second term. Roberto Unger, Harvard Professor who once supported President Barack Obama believes that the only way the Democratic Party can survive is to get rid of President Obama. Read More Here! Related Links: Election Day!!! Find Your Poll and […]

While attending Harvard Buisness School, doing America's Next Top Model and everything else on her plate, Tyra Banks made time to come out with a novel geared to young adult readers.

The latest figures from Harvard University show a record proportion of minority students admitted for the upcoming fall semester, with 11.8% of the school’s new students being African-American and another 12.1% Latino. Harvard points to its outreach programs that send admissions officers across the country to pursue high-achieving students from a variety of ethnic backgrounds. […]