Prosecutors recommended Chauvin receive a 30-year sentence, which would be the maximum sentence levied against a former Minneapolis police officer after he was found guilty of George Floyd's death on April 20.

It’s time to #REPRESENT that #WeAreOne. We have created a special video version of our Chairperson, Cathy Hughes’ “Reality Radio” segment to demonstrate our solidarity with our community as we continue to stand against racism and injustice. Let’s lead the way and lift our voices as One.

The celebration of George Floyd's life featured gospel heavyweights, local pastors and most of all - a word of God.

Watch the final homegoing for George Floyd in his hometown of Houston.

Mourners came from across the country to pay their respects to George Floyd in Houston on Monday (June 8).

A public viewing is taking place in honor of George Floyd.

The viewing will be held from noon to 6 p.m. and attendees are advised to adhere to social distancing guidelines as well as spread their arrival times out.

A Houston Texas, Third Ward legend prompted 60,000 people to mobilize in his hometown to demand justice for him and police reform.

The mural is near Yates High School, where Floyd graduated and starred as an athlete.