Bet you didn’t know President Obama could get down like this. During Barack Obama’s historic trip to Kenya, the president boogied with the best of them…

Bishop Secular doesn’t get why the church has naked face mimes. Listen to the audio player to hear the three things he says all mime ministries…

Bishop Secular wants to give a big shout out to all the the comedians out there. For some reason the expectations are unusually high to be funny. Listen to…

Comedian Bruce Bruce knows a thing or two about pimpin and he has a sure fire way to tell if your favorite preacher is a pimp. Find out here.

Make sure you take the time out to say F.U. to someone today. Find out what i'm talking about after the JUMP!

You've heard of "A Charlie Brown Christmas" But allow me to introduce to you "A Charlie Brown Praise Break!" P.S. Watch snoopy on the guitar! LOL

Start watching the guy on the left. He is about to GET DOWN! LOL

In this African Version of "Trapped". These folks have made a whole song about somebody stealing meat out of the SKILLET.... LOL! o_0 You gotta see this!

This is how you GET AFTER IT IN CHURCH!!!!! LOL