Food Stamps

In GRIFF’s prayer for today, he speaks to God about the EBT card, and the hope that his food stamps come in on time! He asks that some delicious, quality meat and cheese can be purchased when the food stamps come in, so that he and his family may eat a really good meal. He says that […]

WASHINGTON — Doctors are warning that if Congress cuts food stamps, the federal government could be socked with bigger health bills. Maybe not immediately, they…

Sarah Jakes recently signed a book deal that will give her the opportunity to share with the world what it’s like being Bishop T.D. Jakes‘…


via:eurweb   The financial state of affairs in Michigan are dismal to say the least.But they still have a lottery system for those who want to try their luck. And so far, it has worked out big for the state’s residents. Read More


Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich said in a recent speech that African-Americans should demand paychecks and not food stamps. He has also made comments about the NAACP and what members of his party didn't do with the organization!

Bill slashing food stamp funds worries charities If it passes, Harris County could lose up to $174 million in federal aid