She Just Celebrated Her 8th Birthday Earlier This Month. Her Smile Is So Overwhelming And Her Zeal And Zest For God And Life Is Infectious. She's The Picture Of Great Faith In Action, You See Him In Her Eyes, And His Love For Us Through Her Smile. Share This Story With Your Friends And Visit Her Website To See How You Can Get Involved With Emily's Courtyard. Praise Family Please Continue To Pray For Her And Her Family.

Most of us have very demanding personal schedules and we often forget to pencil in some time for the girls.

Forget campfires, water sports, or arts and crafts. The 17 Charlotte teens who signed up for this summer camp went to Friday prayers at a mosque. Greeted the Sabbath and got a kosher meal at the Jewish Community Center. Did yoga with a Hindu instructor. And filed into pews at a predominantly black church Sunday morning for a worship service.

Introducing children to the Bible at an early age allows them to grow up knowing and applying God’s Word to their life.

The birth of a child can dramatically change the dynamics of a family – and its not always for the best. We know that disrupted nights, dirty diapers and feeding times can all be problematic in a family accustomed to its original routine, but some changes can be long term. Your baby’s daddy may hold […]

She's kept quiet about the brutal 2008 murders of her mother Darnell, brother Jason and nephew Julian. Now, Jennifer Hudson is finally speaking out.

Have you ever been in an area of your city and was unable to communicate with its residents due to a language barrier? You remember the frustration you felt?

In troubled times, many Americans have considered relocating their families to places in the country with greater opportunities. If you’re a parent, finding a safe, warm location for your children to grow and prosper is certainly a huge priority. We’ve reviewed some lists and compiled our own:

As the end of the school year approaches, there are some things that are now down to a science! Monday mornings had a name in my house known as the “Morning Mad Dash!” However this could have actually been true for more than just Monday’s! With the snooze button at work because I was still […]

FROM SHINE.COM: What would your kids be saying about your family memories lately? Think simple, fun rituals that involve all the kids — and mom and dad. Here are a few ways to get started… I started asking moms and dads to pass on some simple, no-cost secrets they use to create happy memories.