via:christianpost     Barna Group released the final report in a four-part series on “Christian Women Today” on Tuesday, revealing somewhat surprising statistics concerning the influence of Christian women voters and what issues concern them the most.  The research suggests that churchgoing Christian women will make up the largest category of voters come Nov. […]

President Obama‘s Former Professor states that he must be defeated in the election for his second term. Roberto Unger, Harvard Professor who once supported President Barack Obama believes that the only way the Democratic Party can survive is to get rid of President Obama. Read More Here! Related Links: Election Day!!! Find Your Poll and […]

Washington (CNN) -- Latino voters strongly support President Barack Obama and his Democratic Party, despite dissatisfaction with the administration's deportation policies, according to a survey released Wednesday by the Pew Hispanic Center.


  via:eurweb Seeking to overcome a rocky August recess, the country’s first black president and the Congressional Black Caucus have repaired relations recently as the administration has stepped up outreach to the group and the black community, reports Roll Call. From August to October, Members expressed frustration with the administration, and President Barack Obama, a […]

Mr. Belafonte had some not so great words about Hermain Cain durring an interview recently.


Today, the industry remains with the president, but the disenchantment is increasingly palpable, and even devoted Democrats are approaching his re-election campaign with all the enthusiasm of a studio contractually obligated to finance a dubious sequel.


via:eurweb Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain recorded a gospel album in 1996 that has just been released on the Internet courtesy of DraftCain.org, an independent group not affiliated with the campaign. According to Cain’s campaign, the CD was originally released by GLC Music, Selah Sound Production and Melodic Praise Records, according to Atlanta’s 11 Alive. […]


Republicans filed suit to have Carl Lewis removed from the election ballot, claiming that he had not be a resident of the state for four years. Mark Sheridan from the Burlington County Republicans said Thursday’s ruling was “just a stay of execution".

2010 Senate Elections – Polling and Winner Forecasts by State Geography Candidates (D vs. R) Dem Rep Ind Mrg Win % Rating Alaska McAdams vs. Miller 27.5 32.1 32.5 I+0.4 40% Toss Up Alabama Barnes vs. Shelby 30.1 58.2 – R+28 95% Strong Rep Arizona Glassman vs. McCain 36.6 54.5 – R+18 95% Strong Rep […]

Houston, early voting season is here!! Please take a look at the voting locations and get out and VOTE! Your count matters!