It's no secret that President Barack Obama is a fan of Star Wars.

Disney’s Magic Kingdom has always been a go-to spot for kids to check out their favorite Disney characters, but now rap fans have a reason…


An impressive father and daughter dancing duo are the latest viral video stars to hit the web this week as they showed off their dance skills in…

  via:blackchristiannews Who knows why such weird, borderline-incomprehensible setups go viral, but here we are, weeks into the age of the “Harlem Shake,” watching Christian college students and church members don wacky costumes and dance like crazy.  Christian organizations have joined companies, sports teams, firefighters, friends, and seemingly the rest of America in the latest […]

At about 1:30…..IT GOES DOWN!!!!!! LOL

Watch how this lady falls out after the jump. YOU DON'T WANT TO MISS THIS!!!

The Dancing Preacher is back!!! You dont wanna miss this!

As Pastor Kearney Thomas would say.....GAWWWWD IS HERE!!!! NOW RUUUUNNNN!