via:christianpost   The church has long been a pillar in the Black community, acting as a beacon of hope, a reservoir of information, and a political stepping stool for the voiceless. And so Heritage Tourism Alliance of Montgomery County has committed to preserving the legacy of the church with a guide of African American […]

  via:eurweb   David Murrow’s book, “Why Men Hate Going to Church,” struck a chord when it was published in 2005, says  Seven years later, male church attendance is still low. So David went searching for the answer. What he found is reported in Why Men Hate Going to Church: Completely Revised and Updated […]


Bullying and awareness of the problem has risen to prominence in recent years among k-12 students and parents, teachers, and policy makers in the U.S. According to the CDC, suicide is the third leading cause of death among young people, which contributes to about 4,400 deaths yearly. [1] For every suicide among young people, there […]

via: It has been a rough year so far for the Houston Astros on the field. The team has the worst record in baseball, some 20 games below .500. While the team has had its well- documented problems on the diamond, first-year owner Jim Crane has show his championship mettle in the community. With […]

  via:christianpost   With more churches offering worship services and sermons online, one pastor is making the case that actual attendance at a church is still critical.  Tim Stevens serves as a pastor at a growing megachurch that has four campuses, including an online one. And while he touts the reach of digital services, he […]

  By Thom S. Rainer via:christianpost   Discipleship is a hot topic within the local church right now. This is a good thing since it’s an essential component of the Great Commission. Making disciples is one of the primary functions of the church as well as one of the most important measurements of church health. […]

  via:christianpost   Any healthy church must have some level of inward focus. Those in the church should be discipled. Hurting members need genuine concern and ministry. Healthy fellowship among the members is a good sign for a congregation.  But churches can lose their outward focus and become preoccupied with the perceived needs and desires […]

via ForwardTimesOnline.Com In honor of Women’s History Month, black leaders gathered in Washington to pay their respect to African-Americans who have paved the way for our society. The event focused on what it will take for blacks to continue move at a forward momentum. Read More

via: Members of the Sanford community are outraged by the killing of a black teen by a “neighborhood watch” captain. See More

  via:eurweb Thousands gathered at a church in Chardon, Ohio Tuesday night to mourn and pray for the victims of the school shooting that has shocked the community and the nation. Three students have died and two remain seriously injured following the shooting incident at Chardon High School on Monday morning. Ohio Gov. John Kasich […]