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Southwestern Christian College (SwCC) is hosting the debate of the year between the leaders of Israel United in Christ (IUIC), the world’s largest organized Israelite nation and the leaders of Southwestern Christian College, a privately-run, Historically-Black college operated by members of the Churches of Christ. The debate will cover pertinent Biblical issues that many Black Christians and the Israelite community dispute with one another, as well as address the main issue that the Christian clergy inaccurately teaches Biblical doctrines to the Black masses. The Israelites teach that these inaccuracies are well-fed to the Black and Hispanic communities and keep us, the descendants of ancient, Biblical Israelites, in a continually sinful and low state while in the midst of our American captivity.

The debaters, Bishop Nathanyel of IUIC/NY, NY, along with co-Bishop Kanigabar of IUIC/Austin, TX will take part in this important debate of our times with fellow debaters, Dr. Jack Evans, Sr., president of SwCC and Dr. James Maxwell, vice-president of SwCC. At the heart of the debate is the burning issue of whether the so-called African-Americans, Hispanics and Native Americans are the true descendants of the Israelites of the Bible and whether or not the message of American Christianity is the correct one for the proper spiritual guidance of our people. The answers to these inquiries, as well as others, will put to rest the question of the true nationality and faith of the so-called African-American. The journey to the heart of the matter will make for an exciting exchange, as well as, elevate the importance of this discussion among the Black Christian and Israelite communities.

Other important topics to be addressed concern the legitimacy of the Apocrypha and whether it should be included with the other 66 books of the King James version of the Holy Bible. “Who are the 12 tribes today,” and a most divisive issue among our people, “who did Christ die for and can all people be saved” are just a few of the many issues on the table for discussion among our spiritual elders on this truly momentous occasion.

All are welcome to attend and the admission is free. The debate will be aired live at and also on Periscope at For more information about the upcoming event, call (972) 524-3341 x 143 or 144 and (214) 616-4728. Don’t miss the greatest learning experience of a lifetime. Come, be lifted and edified!


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