The recent unrest in Baltimore has prompted a lot of call to action. Pastor Jamal Bryant is among the many who have taken the initiative to go…

A new list published in Outreach Magazine names Andy Stanley’s North Point Ministries as the largest church in America. As exciting as this designation may…

  By Phil Cook/Charisma News via:blackchristiannews   My team at Cooke Pictures gets hired when a church, ministry or nonprofit organization is losing its voice. Perhaps you’ve experienced a similar situation: Despite doing great work in the community–like building homeless shelters, drug treatment centers or food banks–your ministry still lives hand to mouth. Or, as […]

  By Thom S. Rainer via:blackchristiannews With apologies to Gary Chapman for playing on his well-known “Five Love Languages” theme, I asked 24 pastors how a church member might speak to each pastor in his own love language. And though 24 persons do not constitute a massive survey, I was amazed at the consistency of […]

    via:blackchristiannews   Good news: The U.S. Postal Service lost only $1.3 billion in the fourth quarter of 2012. Yes, $1.3 billion. And yes, it is good news because it represented a major improvement over the fourth quarter of 2011, when they lost $3.3 billion.   It’s easy to understand why the beleaguered institution […]

via:christianpost A church consultant says that when it comes to pastors’ salaries, the small minority of preachers who live lavishly should not be reason to underpay the other 400,000 pastors leading churches. A pastor’s salary is a quiet issue, Thom Rainer, president and CEO of LifeWay Christian Resources, acknowledged in a December blog post. It […]

  via:christianpost   Any time a moral failure, such as serixual impropriety, occurs among church staff, the congregation should be told immediately. Otherwise, rumors will inevitably spread, say pastors who have gone through the experience.  “Trying to keep the failure quiet for a while is really difficult to do; rumors always start,” said Pastor Craig […]

  By Thom S. Rainer   via:christianpost   When I led a church consultation company, one of the more common facets of my consultation was an on-site visit to a worship service. The person I hired to conduct the visit could know nothing about the church. Ideally this “mystery guest” would be an unchurched person, […]

via:christianpost A pastor in charge of community building and small groups feels it’s so important for churches to make a good impression on first-time church visitors from the moment they walk onto a church campus that he’s come up with a list of 10 statements that just might do the opposite and turn churchgoers away. […]

  Bu Thom S. Rainer   via:christianpost     I don’t particularly like the “quick-fix” formula some pundits offer to leaders of churches that are plateaued or experiencing a decline. The approaches often appear to be man-centered and methodological. Indeed, many times I think the solutions offered could just as easily apply to a civic […]