via:christianpost   Many churches invest a great deal of time and money into special holiday events that are designed to draw people into their services, but statistics show that Father’s Day is one holiday in which church attendance is typically less than impressive. So is it a waste of time, money and energy for churches […]

Via: KROI-FM Praise 92.1 strives to provide support and assistance to a wide range of community organizations and events each year. We are pleased to support community efforts by making appearances to your event and/or by donating Praise Prize Packs with merchandise and/or memorabilia to be used as needed at your non-profit events. The […]

Via:   Blessed Family we are known to recognize a new school year, a new physical year, a new athletic year and a new calendar year. Now what about A New Year In Christ. Thanks Pastor Kirbyjon & Suzette Caldwell.

What Cities Made The Cut For The Best Fireworks Display Around The Country? See if Your City Is One Of Them.

On Jan1, 1863, The Emancipation Proclamation went into effect. abolishing slavery. Slaves in Galvestion were not set free until June 19, 1865.

" Celebrate With the Bride To Be And Help To Make Her Memories Everlasting"


Via: Graduation is a milestone. Whether it’s making the leap from kindergarten to first grade, or high school to college, graduation is an occasion for celebration, and a party is in order. The celebration experts from Wilton suggest setting the stage for this rite of passage with highlights of the graduate’s educational journey. A […]