via:christianpost The first flying automobile manufactured in the U.S. has completed its first official test flight, bringing it one step closer to the showroom floor.  The car was created by the Massachusetts based Terrafugia Inc., who hopes to be able to sell the flying car within the next year.  Read More

(CNN) -- Reese Witherspoon was struck by a car Wednesday while out for a run in Santa Monica, California, but was not seriously injured, a spokesperson for the actress confirmed.

Via One of the four men who accused Bishop Eddie Long of sexual misconduct was arrested this week in Florida on suspicion of being a drug dealer, reports the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Jamal Parris, 24, was driving a white 2011 BMW in Miami Beach Tuesday evening when a Florida Highway Patrol officer noticed that it […]

You know we are headed towards the future when cars are driving themselves! Check out the story after the jump!

You can't tell me that GOD isn't real! This person is still alive!

What if you were driving on the highway and as you pressed the accelerator to increase speed, the pedal got stuck? That's what happen to a man driving a TOYOTA Prius! Not good for Toyota at all!

VIA In case you didn’t know, it costs a great deal of money to protect the president. In fact, the $1.4 billion spent each year protecting President Obama is more than the entire Haitian government spends to fund its entire nation. Within that budget comes one of the craziest and scariest cars you’ve ever […]