Erica Campbell talks about her experience with being bullied, which she says still occurs up until this very day. But she recalls being taunted by a girl in fourth grade. Erica says she used to hide in the bathroom every day to avoid her, until one day she decided not to let her bother her anymore. […]

A survey reveals an increase in classrooms of fear and bullying targeting immigrant and minority students. The teachers who were surveyed blamed Donald Trump for what researchers are calling the Trump Effect.

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In a society where people share and overshare details about their personal lives, there is a sense that nothing is out of bounds. Paparazzi will…

Most bullying takes place outside of the home, but kids should learn how to deal with it from their parents. Listen to this edition of…


Bullying and awareness of the problem has risen to prominence in recent years among k-12 students and parents, teachers, and policy makers in the U.S. According to the CDC, suicide is the third leading cause of death among young people, which contributes to about 4,400 deaths yearly. [1] For every suicide among young people, there […]


New Texas law requires all school districts within the stat to draft and enact a comprehensive anti-bullying policy. The law also gives school districts the power to transfer a student who gets caught bullying to a different classroom or a different school within the district. For the full scoop, click here.


via:eurweb As you can see, Logan West is awfully pretty and she’s bi-racial, but she’s paid the price for being an awfully pretty, bi-racial person. She was bullied like there was no tomorrow as a youngster. Now, she’s been crowned Miss Teen USA and she has a platform to use to speak out against Bullying, […]

via: San Diego, California (CNN) — As evidenced by media stories and public awareness campaigns, Americans have resolved to get tough on bullying. In that spirit, it’s time to send a message to bullies with badges. We need to tell police who prey on the vulnerable: “No more! When you pile on a suspect […]

via CNN.Com A new study suggested that African-American children are more optimistic than white children (when it comes to the topic of race). CNN’s Anderson Cooper recently conducted a study where both races of children were asked to describe what was going on in an illustrated picture (of kids on a playground), and the answers […]