Being bullied is an all-too-common problem for school-aged children. And for every bully, there is a victim.

Who are the bullies?

Simply put, bullies want to control people, and they quickly learn that violence or the fear of violence will allow them to do that.  They often choose to pick on kids who are alone and don’t have a strong network of friends. Bullying takes many forms, including threats, violence, intimidation, destruction of property and theft. Essentially, bullies are thugs.

Why do they choose to be thugs?

  1. A bully wants control over another person. With control comes power.
  2. A bully doesn’t know how to get attention in positive and acceptable ways. That’s why he or she resorts to force.
  3. A bully is antisocial. He or she is rude and hostile on purpose, and thinks bullying is a cruel but fun game.

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