brain cancer

Ahead of the president's final State of the Union Address, Biden spoke with CNN about his life, career, and friendship with Obama, recounting how the president was supportive throughout his son's battle with brain cancer. Beau Biden, the former attorney general of Delaware, died in May at the age of 46 following a long struggle with the disease.

via MSNBC.Com Researchers have found that people who consumed small amounts of aspirin daily for a minimum of three years, were 25% less likely to get cancer than people who didn’t take it. Oxford neurologist Dr. Peter Rothwell says that this may actually be beneficial to people diagnosed with cancer. Read More

One of the most incurable forms of cancer remains brain cancer and the average brain cancer survival rate period is 1-2 years. Still today, there is no recognized cure for this disease.

Via A 10-year-old boy is crediting the power of prayer after he survived brain cancer. Do You Like this Article? Then Like Us on Facebook. Doctors recently diagnosed Evan Sharp of Omaha, Neb., with a rare brain tumor. They gave him a 10-15 percent chance of