by Sherry WilliamsHOUSTON—Many people now have an old cell phone, because they got a new one for Christmas. But now, instead of letting the old one gather dust in a drawer, you can trade it in for cash.

One of the largest cell phone recycling companies in the world is Recellular, and on January 7, it is launching a new online site to buy used phones.

Older models will fetch $5-10. Newer ones sell for a lot more.

“Many are worth $60, $80, $100. And newer phones, like an iPhone or a newer Blackberry can be worth a couple hundred dollars,” said Recellular Vice President Mike Newman.

To sell your old phone, go to the company’s new Web site:



There you will type in the model of your phone to find out what Recellular will pay you for it. Then you will register your information. Finally, you will print out a free shipping label and mail in your old phone.

In two or three weeks, you will receive a check in the mail from Recellular, Newman said. The company only accepts working cell phones. Their Web site also walks you through how to erase data on your phone. Recellular will accept your battery and charger, but will only pay you for the phone.

The company is also partners with a charity that sends calling cards overseas for the troops and gives returning soldiers free cell phones.

“We’re partnering with a great charity called Cell Phones for Soldiers,” Newman said. “It’s really doing fantastic work for our armed forces serving in Iraq and Afghanistan.”

You can elect to donate your phone to Recellular, which will send the money to Cell Phones for Soldiers instead of sending it to you. Cell Phones for Soldiers then buys calling cards to send to troops overseas. Soldiers cannot carry their personal cell phones into war zones for security reasons. They must use phones on base. Some have accrued long distance bills into the thousands. Recellular also gives Cell Phones for Soldiers refurbished phones for returning troops.

“We’ll refurbish them on behalf of the charity so they are updated with new software,” Newman said. “They’re given new housings. They look like new. They work like new and they’re given out free to returning soldiers as needed.”

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