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Laila Ali is one busy woman. The former boxing champ is an author, has a whole nutrition line on the way as a fitness and wellness advocate, is the creator of Laila Ali’s Spice Blends, and is currently the host of the OWN series Home Made Simple with Laila Ali. If that wasn’t enough loaded on her plate, she’s also helping to launch the new Home Made Simple line of plant-based cleaning products born from her work on her show.

“I’m super excited about it because I’m all about helping people live their best life through making smart, healthy lifestyle choices, from the food that we eat to the products that we use,” she said.

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When she’s not doing all of that, Ali is also a mother of two and a wife to former NFL player Curtis Conway. She says being able to balance all of this work and her responsibilities is possible with the help of proper prioritizing.

“It’s really just about having your priorities in order and being consistent. It’s an ongoing challenge,” she said. “Any woman can relate to that because we all wear a lot of hats, whether the title changes or not. But being a mom is really what takes things to the next level because your kids always come first and we want to be the best moms we can be for our family.”

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Ali’s family is currently working as a team to do some spring cleaning with the help of Home Made Simple products. They’re also donating clothes and other items they no longer need, doing a “nice deep cleaning” to keep everything tidy.

In between that, she’s eeking out time to take care of her health and wellness. She may be busy, but the 41-year-old says she doesn’t skimp on her workouts.

“I have a home gym, and I have a heavy bag in my gym so that’s part of my workout. I use it kind of as a warm-up. I’ll hit the heavy bag for 15-20 minutes and I’ll start the rest of my workout,” she said when asked about whether or not she still boxes. “Boxing will always be a part of my workout because it doesn’t feel like a workout for me. I put my music on, I just kind of get into it and next thing I know, I look up and I burned a lot of calories. Worked on my muscles, my upper-body muscles and I’ve got a good sweat going.”

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“It has to really be a lifestyle, otherwise, if it’s not a daily routine, then you fall off track,” she continued. “Every day you have to make decisions of what you’re going to eat, what types of products you’re going to buy, how much me-time you spend on yourself, whether you’re going to carve out time to work out. So I think it really comes down to, like I said, having your priorities in order. What’s most important to you? For me, my health is most important, something that’s constantly on my mind because I understand how all of these things I mentioned affect my health. So I always encourage people to realize that we can be in control of our health, and we can be in control of the outcome of our lives. You can’t be the best you can be unless you’re taking care of yourself.”

And when she’s not taking care of her kids, or her many business responsibilities, she’s also pretty good at carving out quality time for Conway, her husband of more than 10 years (they wed in 2007). The overall trick to making it work this long when you have as much on your plate as she does is date nights and “good communication,” which she says is “key.”

“We communicate with one another on a regular basis and I think it’s important also when you’re busy and you have children to not forget about the things that attracted you to one another in the first place and how you spent your time together,” she said. “So for example, before kids were in the picture, we were dating and having a good time. So we want to make sure we have that date night and I can be his girlfriend and he can be my boyfriend and not mommy Laila always talking about the kids and what needs to be done around the house and vice versa. Don’t hand me your laundry to do! Take me out for a nice dinner and romance me [laughs].”

The Home Made Simple line of products, which cover laundry, washing your dishes and keeping your home tidy, are now available at select Walmart stores and


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