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It’s so surprising to hear that singer, Tiffany Evans is a mere 26-years-old since it seems we’ve been listening to her soulful voice for years. The voice we’ve been hearing since she became the first person in history to earn a perfect score on Star Search has always carried depth and maturity that even many adult singers at the time struggled to convey.

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Evans signed with Columbia Records in 2004 and released radio-friendly singles such as “Promise Ring” and went on to drop in and out of the music scene for years. Now, the mother-of-two has returned with a new EP that will give fans some insight on the difficult lessons she’s learned about love and life as a grown woman.

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In an exclusive interview with VIBE, Evans discusses being involved in and eventually leaving an abusive relationship. In a now deleted Instagram post, Evans shared a picture featuring what looked like holes in the wall as result of someone punching through it and cited it as the “#1 reason” she left her ex noting that she was still being blamed for leaving a situation in which she experienced cheating, lies, black eyes and busted lips. It wasn’t the first time she addressed the unhealthy relationship, calling out her ex-husband Lorenzo Thomas whom she met when she was only 18 on Instagram for cheating. She shares that on her All Me EP that was released in 2015, she wasn’t yet ready to talk about the toxic situation she was involved in, but her upcoming project ultimately helped her heal and will hopefully be of some support to others involved in similar situations:

“When I dropped the All Me EP, my head was in a totally different space. I was going through things in my relationship but I was not ready to speak about it. By the time I started working on this new project I am going to be dropping soon—I started working on that around early last year—I just got to the point where I was ready to speak on what the f**k was going on with me and everything I have been dealing with.”

“I’m going to be transparent, be vulnerable. I’m going to be open even if it hurts. Because this is going to help me begin my healing process. One of the reasons why I have not been healing is because I haven’t spoken about it. I haven’t said anything about it.”

Evans, who describes her upcoming album as vulnerable and open but aggressive, also shares her belief in being allowed to process and articulate feelings, even if they aren’t always the most pleasant:

“I’m a little angry and I want to be transparent.”

“But, you know, sometimes you do get bitter and sometimes you do get angry and I want to let people know that it’s okay to feel those very human emotions. When you go through so much sh*t and it hurts you, it can change you. I have definitely been changed. I want to start healing but I am angry.”

The singer says that although she wants all of her fans to enjoy the new music she’ll be releasing, ultimately she wants women to feel empowered by her honesty:

“It’s going to be something a lot of women are going to feel empowered by and the guys will even f**k with it, too. But I’m doing it for my ladies, we go through so much. This whole project is for women and me being a voice for the women and the issues we go through on the daily, and how we hold these ni**as down.”

She also shares that victim-blaming is one of the main reasons why so many women are afraid to disclose that they have suffered domestic abuse:

“It’s so crazy, I just don’t understand. This person obviously went through something, and the only thing you can say is “what did they do? What did they do to get punched in the face?” If I am not putting my hands on you, you’re not putting your hands on me. That’s how it should be.”

“This is why we are afraid to open up. We’re worried to open up because we’re not really sure we’re going to get the support we need to get to through this thing because not only is it physical, it’s mental and emotional. I just want women to start saying f**k you. Like, ‘No, you did this.’ If it’s going to heal me and I am ready to talk about it, I am going to open up.”

Evans, who is mother to two daughters, Adalia and Chaden, shares ultimately her faith helped guide her through difficult times:

“I have definitely found my strength in God. I have been leaning on prayer and meditation and, at times, it just really wasn’t easy at all.”

“I started praying and asking God to reveal my own heart to me, the things that I need to change about myself. I started with myself.”

“That is where I started to come up a little bit in my spirit, but it’s easier said than done. Sometimes you run across good genuine people who genuinely care and want to see you do better and want to see you okay. I thank God for those people. I call them guardian angels. They come into your life, and he sends them to be a light in a dark time, so I have definitely had a lot of that.”

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