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Gabby Douglas Book Signing For 'Raising The Bar' In Skokie, Illinois.

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#RoadToRio: Gymnast Gabby Douglas Wins Second Competition

After her win at the AT&T American Cup earlier this month, gymnast Gabby Douglas won her second consecutive championship, getting her one step closer to the Olympia Trials in July.

On Saturday, Douglas won the all-around Saturday at the City of Jesolo Trophy competition in Jesolo, Italy, USA Today reported. Ragan Smith and Laurie Hernandez, both 15-years-old, finished second and third, with Americans taking the six of top seven spots at the competition. 

According to NBC Sports, Douglass was proud of her performance, but admits she has more work to do. “I need to work on being more confident, and just believing in myself a little bit more and being a little bit more aggressive, but overall I think I did well. Still more improvements to come,” she said. 

Friend, fellow American gymnast and three-time world champion, Simone Biles, did not compete at this meet, but is expected to do so at the Pacific Rim Championships next month, USA Today noted.

In addition, Citigroup Inc. is so confident that Douglas will make the Olympic team, they made her one of the many faces they are sponsoring for the Rio games, Reuters wrote. (USA Today), (NBC Sports), (Reuters)

One Dead And Four Injured in Spring Break Party Shooting In Florida

Young People Having Fun At Barbecue Party.

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A Plantation, Florida, spring break party turned deadly this past weekend with one person dead and three others injured.

According to the Sun-Sentinel, on Saturday night, Plantation police arrived to the scene after receiving a noise complaint after shots rang out, killing 28-year old Serge Pierre Dumas. Up to 400 people were crammed in the 5-bedroom apartment with the unidentified shooter escaping in the crowd. 

“The shooting was inside the house, and as soon as gunshots went off, people came pouring out of the house,” said Detective Philip Toman. “It was chaotic.”

Despite lining up numerous partygoers, none were helpful in identifying who shot and killed Dumas. “We still don’t know who the shooter was, Tomas told the press on Sunday.  “We are looking for better witnesses. They are not giving us any information.”

He added that the crowd was not “very cooperative.”  “Not one person can tell us who shot that gun. But as far as I am concerned, someone in that room knows who shooter is and they need to come forward,” Tomas said. 

The conditions of the other victims, Shamar Byfield, 21, Ashley Adamson, 16, and Sophia Hernandez, 18, are unknown, the Sentinel noted. (The Sun-Sentinel)

#BlackLivesMatter: Liang’s New Attorneys File Motion To Set Aside Manslaughter Conviction

Protests Continue In Chicago After Release Of Video Of Police Fatally Shooting Teen

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Peter Liang’s new lawyers filed a motion in hopes to cast aside the former New York Police Department (NYPD) officer’s February manslaughter conviction in the fatal shooting of an unarmed Brooklyn man, NBC News reported.

The 21-page motion claims that Liang, 28, did not act in a reckless manner in relation to Akai Gurley’s death. They argued that Liang was “grossly inadequately” trained and that he was not required by the NYPD to perform CPR on shooting victims. “If the People continue to press a ‘he-should-have-performed-CPR’ theory in response to this motion, it would be to punish an officer for not performing a task that he was not trained to do,” Liang’s attorneys wrote.

This appeal comes more than a week after a “NYPD Police Academy instructor who trained officers in CPR was placed on modified duty following allegations raised at Liang’s three-week trial that officers received inadequate CPR training and were given answers to the multiple-choice test,” NBC wrote. 

Liang’s sentencing will take place on April 15, where he faces up to 15 years in prison. (NBC News)

Study: Black Folks Care About Pollution and Climate Change, But Don’t Are Less Likely To Call Themselves Environmentalists

Michigan National Guard To Help Flint With Lead Contamination In Water Supply

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While people of color are more likely to be impacted by and worried about environmental issues such as pollution, lead poisoning and water contamination, their voices are less likely to be heard and hold leadership positions among the environmentalist movement, a new report suggests.

Jonathon Schuldt, an assistant professor at Cornell and co-author of the study, said that this lack of representation is due to people of color labeling themselves as “environmentalists,” which is greatly due to the lack of diversity among the movement and it dominated by “whiteness.”

“When you look at who is among the ranks of leading environmental organizations … and on the faculty of environmental departments at leading colleges and universities, non-whites are substantially underrepresented,” Schuldt told the Huffington Post. “You might look at them and say: ‘Well, the people who are in these organizations don’t look like me, and maybe my voice isn’t welcome at the table.’” 

The study also found that when it comes to worrying about pollution and what causes it, people of color were less likely than whites to base their opinions on political affiliations, the Huff Po noted. (Huffington Post)



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