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Keeping natural hair healthy isn’t hard, but it does require slightly different methods of hair care. If you are trying to get your hair back in shape or just trying to maintain a healthy natural hair regimen, try following these tips:

1. Co-Wash

Co-washing is using a moisturizing conditioner or a cleansing conditioner to wash the hair. This method is often used in between shampooing. Naturals do this because shampoo strips the hair of its moisture leaving the hair dry. I personally don’t use shampoo at all. I opt for apple cider vinegar in replace of a shampoo. The apple cider vinegar leaves my hair and scalp clean without all the harsh ingredients some shampoos tend to have.

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2. Finger Detangle

You may think using a comb or brush to detangle you hair is absolutely necessary, but trust me – it’s not. Use your fingers! Yes, this process does take longer, but it’s so much better for your strands. Combs and brushes break your hair off more than you think. I was skeptical at first about trying to get through my hair with just my fingers, but to my surprise it worked. I haven’t used a comb or brush to detangle since.

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 3. Keep Hands Out Of Hair

I don’t know what it is, but women have a tendency to touch their own hair a lot. You may not realize you are doing it, but you probably are. Constantly playing in your hair can lead to breakage. I know it’s hard, but try to be mindful of it. The less you touch your hair the more it will grow, stay healthy, and strong.

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 4. Protective Style

A protective style is a hairstyle that doesn’t involve manipulation and protects your hair from clothes, harsh weather, etc. Protective styles can include twists, braids,  buns, and even weaves. Typically when your hair is in a protective style you don’t have to put your hands in your hair for a period of time unless it’s to moisturize. With winter approaching fast, it’s a good idea to try these styles because cold weather leaves hair drier than usual and we tend to wear clothing that pulls our hair out like sweaters, coats, and scarves.

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 5. Keep Hair Moisturized

Moisture is the most important thing for healthy natural hair. Dry hair is not going to cut it. No matter how you wear your hair, it must stay moisturized. The best moisturizer is actually water. Try spritzing your hair with water when needed. Also use a water-based moisturizer/leave-in conditioner and seal with a moisturizing oil. I find coconut oil to be the best oil to use as a sealant, but others like olive oil, avocado oil, and grapeseed oil work well too. If you straighten your hair obviously water or even water-based products may not be the best. Try using shea butter or coconut oil by itself.

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