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Author: Creflo Dollar


If you do not know the purpose of something, abuse is inevitable. Many Christians do not know the purpose of the first fruit offering; it is often mistakenly thought of as the tithe. However, there is an original purpose for it. To fully understand the purpose of the firstfruit offering and to distinguish it from the tithe, we must study Old Testament scriptures concerning tithing and firstfruit offerings.


A. Those things written in the Old Testament are not to be discounted. They were written for our instruction (Romans 15:4, AMP).

1. The “law” is found in the first five books of the Bible.

2. We are no longer enslaved by the law but are now saved by grace.

3. However, we should not disregard the law either.

B. Here is an Old Testament example of the firstfruit offering:

1. “The Lord said to Moses, “Sanctify (consecrate, set apart) to Me all the first born [males]…” (Exodus 13:1, 8-16, AMP).

a. This was how the Israelites honored God for delivering them out of Egypt.

b. Egypt was a place of bondage.

c. What was your “Egypt”? From what has God delivered you?

d. There is power in remembrance.

2. A firstfruit offering represents the best we have to offer (Numbers 18:12-15).

a. If we want God’s best, we must give our best; this includes the attitude in which we serve and give to Him.

b. God sacrificed His only begotten Son so we could be delivered from the bondage of sin.

c. We should not forget what God has done for us.

C. It is dishonorable to come before God empty-handed (Exodus 34:19, 20).

1. God has sacrificed so much for our deliverance. We should honor Him with our possessions.

2. This is one way we honor God (1 Samuel 2:30).

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