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The journey to self-esteem and prosperity requires getting to know the real you and what your assets are. Have a serious talk with yourself and ask the question: “What do I excel at?”

Make a list of five things people say you have a talent for. Then circle three of them that you really enjoy—and cross off the rest. You now have three skills you are proficient at and love doing.


One of my jobs after coming out of prison was being a recruiter of high school students at a Vocational Training School. My assignment was that I go into the schools and give presentations to the students to show them their opportunity. Many of the young people teachers referred to me were borderline low academic performers who most school administrators had declared unlikely to be four-year college material. After conversations with the students and even some of their parents, it was evident these were not dumb kids. They simply were not turned on by what the teachers had to offer. Most of my presentations were to vocational classes, where the students learn hands-on skills. I would ask for the phone numbers of the students who showed the most interest in our programs in order to set up future interviews with their parents. Of the students I qualified based on what I believed their interest level in our programs were, almost 85% graduated. That was and still is a very high number. As a result of my experience working with these kids I surmised that based on their commitment level, they were more likely to show up for class, ask questions, and exert greater effort. Simply because they were motivated by what they were learning, they made better grades. In reality, they were no smarter than any of the other students.


You have to ignite a spark and passion internally for what you do for a living. If you do not, you must treat the job as temporary income and find a way to pursue what you really love. Once you define what that it is, I guarantee you will be successful. Wealth will follow when you delight in what you do. Why? Because without being asked or even thinking about it, you will work hard at the task when a disinterested person will not. As a result you will be rewarded financially. The key that unlocks the door called Success is believing in yourself. I love the poem “IF” by Rudyard Kipling. My favorite stanza is the first, which reads, “IF you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs and blaming it on you.” After a dozen more “IF’s, his poem concludes, “IF you can fill the unforgiving minute, with sixty seconds’ worth of distance run, Yours is the Earth and everything that’s in it. And—which is more—you’ll be a Man, my son!” These inspiring words have helped me through many difficult hours.


There is no alternative; you must believe in your own abilities. My Bishop, James Dixon II, has taught me, “Faith is my uncompromised belief in God’s ability to perform on my behalf despite the opposition.” Let me encourage you to have this truth so deeply ingrained in your psyche that when opposition and obstacles present themselves, you immediately let faith kick into action. This does not happen overnight. At least it wasn’t that way for me. I had to continually work at it. And, to be honest, I still have to focus to keep doubt from slipping into my thought process. At times of uncertainty, I still catch myself speaking negatively, but immediately I am convicted. Just as quickly, I speak a confession of faith and get back to my rightful place.


A friend once shared with me, “There are times when you have to believe in someone else’s faith in you, until your own faith kicks in.” Always remember: Whatever your desire in life, God can afford your dreams. If your lifelong ambition is to be an entrepreneur, singer, attorney, engineer, police officer, school bus driver, it is possible. The number one prerequisite for success is that you must first believe in yourself and your ability to perform. The Lord will handle the details.

I can guarantee that if you fail to take action or are too afraid to step out in faith; your dream will never materialize. My mentor in the business world is renowned motivational speaker Les Brown. He always reminds me to “Live full and die empty.” What he means by this statement is: do not let your dreams become buried in the grave with the shell of your physical body after death. Many young people, as well as those who are older in years, depart from the earth each day without ever fulfilling their potential.


I started a real estate investment company as well as a custom home building firm with no bank account. I began with just a seed of an idea. Next, I had business cards printed with the company’s names. In addition, I began to talk to people about what I hoped to do—only I spoke as if it already existed. I had a spirit of expectancy. I would wake in the morning and say to myself, “I will buy several pieces of property today.” Whether I was able to accomplish this or not before the sun went down was never an indication of success for me. If I was unsuccessful that particular day, I would simply remind myself, “No is only ‘no’ for today.” I have since purchased properties with a ten dollar earnest money contract. I speak favor upon my business. I have no need to place large sums of money in escrow to purchase or execute a contract of sale. It simply goes back to two things I adamantly believe in: (1) God’s ability to perform on my behalf and (2) my belief in my own abilities.


If an obstacle rears its ugly head, never use the word problem to describe or categorize it. Go to God and make a faith demand. I speak to the Almighty like this: “You said you would diminish my enemies’ ability to hurt me and you would remove every stumbling block. I have done my part. I have sown seed in good ground. I have given first fruit offerings. Now I need you to remove this obstacle.” You have to be convinced in your heart that there are no problems— only minor obstacles that are easily overcome. Forget about the circumstances. Everything begins with your faith and confidence to take charge. It all starts with this mindset.


It is important to get this vital principle down deep in your spirit: “Believe in yourself and your Abilities.” You need more than a degree to get the promotion you seek on your job. You need favor from God, and the belief that you can accomplish the task effectively. In addition, you don’t need a large sum of money to step out on faith to start that business which is burning in your heart. Be convinced of your potential to run that successful company. Let me encourage you to read Purpose to Blessing by

Deavra Daughtry. It’s available at She is an up-close example for me of what you can do if you believe in your abilities to achieve exceptional success. Fulfilling this principle begins with you. How big do you dream? God will never bless you beyond your ability to picture great things.

Finally if you do not connect with any other thing I have said know that GOD can afford your dreams.

Darrell Barnes Millionaire Minded Barnes

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