This is the long awaited C.D. of one of the greatest preachers in America. Pastor F. D. Sampson is known all over the United States of America. On August 21, 2009 at the Friendship Missionary Baptist Church in Houston, TX, he decided to accept the request to complete a “live recording project.” It was a special night and the house was packed with excited people waiting to be electrified by his soul steering singing. Many sat on the edge of their seats during the opening acts while waiting and anticipating what was yet to come. Pastor F. D. Sampson, Sr. entered the room, and everyone cheered and applauded! He sung his theme song to open the night and then began a constant flow of gospel songs! He had special guest for that night, which included Pastor Asa Sampson of Houston, TX, Pastor Reuben Sampson of Beaumont, TX, and Pastor Colin Sampson of Seattle, WA! They did six five songs quartet style that were just awesome! It was a treat; see for yourself and order this C.D. today! There is also a video available at!!!