Here are 5 quick tips to get people to really listen and win them over to your situation:

1.  Adjust Your Ego – Getting defensive gets you nowhere with people. Instead, be willing to show humility and, above all, humor.

Trust Yourself

2.  Don’t Be Needy – The next time you want something from someone (no matter how much), try acting cool and blasé.

Boost Your Confidence

3. Tell Someone (Nicely) What She Has to Lose – That’s why the phrase “Don’t miss it!” is more effective in ads than “Take this opportunity.”

8 Tips To Be More Courageous

4. Throw a Curveball in Conversation – Shift the mood of the conversation to be more light hearted and positive.    Soon enough, they will be speaking enthusiastically about your opportunity. Going on a tangent—as long as it’s one you know the other person will be interested in—really works.

Will And Jada Smith: Elevate Humanity

5.  Reiterate the Other Person’s Argument – Even if they are reluctant to concede the point, they will appreciate the fact that you listened to they in the first place.

7 Keys to Better Listening

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