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Via 100.3 in Cincinnati:

It’s been a while since Black radio has heard from it’s leader. Not Tom Joyner, not Cathy Hughes – this morning, MOJO 100.3 exclusively presented the in depth conversation with our nation’s leader, President Barack Obama right here on our station courtesy of the fabulous team at the Tom Joyner Morning Show.

If you missed any portion of the interview with President Barack Obama, please feel free to relive the moment and have all of those burning questions answered during the show.

Listen closely for the exclusive conversation with Tom, Sybil and J. Anthony Brown as President Barack Obama responds and reacts to all that’s concerning the upcoming voting process, his administration’s progress since he was sworn into office and other issues that affect you including healthcare reform, jobs, the economy and so much more.

Share your thoughts and commentary with us by posting in the comments section below of each portion of the exclusive interview with President Barack Obama.

Part One –

Part Two –

Part Three –

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