Although the Christian Science denomination uses the word Christian in its name, many people don’t know it is Bible, Jesus, and prayer based. It is definitely Christian.

Christian Scientists are students of the Bible – Old and New Testaments. Most of them study this book daily, especially the works and words of Jesus. They yearn to emulate Jesus, in some degree, because he said to follow him. They view Jesus as their Way-Shower, their shepherd.

After many years of prayer and study of the Bible, I’ve found 5 simple things that have helped me prepare myself to be a Christian healer. They might help you too.

1.Be honest. God gives His power to those who will use it to bless others. So, He gives His power to those who are honest. If we want our prayer armed with spiritual power, we must be honest.

Don’t be critical. If we’re critical of anyone, we’re not seeing how God creates them, guides them, and loves them. If we want to heal we should strive to see everyone, the best we can, as the spiritual image and likeness of God.

Don’t keep score. While we are keeping track of other’s mistakes, we are not arming ourselves to be a healer. It’s not how someone else is acting but how much of God’s love we are expressing that makes our prayers effective. Love never keeps score.

Be forgiving. Forgiveness means starting over with love, — wiping the slate clean. Christ impels and strengthens us to do so. Let our love be expressed in forgiveness.

Value your moral courage. No matter what we are doing, if we’re doing what is right, doing what is God inspired, our moral courage will keep us safe.

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