I just finished reading a post on AskMen about guys wearing sandals – “Sandal Dos & Dont’s”. What was interesting about the post were the comments.

Every comment was negative and basically said guys should never wear sandals. One commenter went as far as to say, guys shouldn’t ever wear anything but shoes and sneakers.

I was surprised by these comments because I thought more guys would be into wearing sandals and flip flops. When it’s hot outside, I definitely wear flip flops or sandals. I couldn’t possibly think about wearing sneakers when it’s 95 degrees outside.

The commenters also said real men should never wear sandals. I disagree with that as well. A real man wouldn’t care about someone looking at their feet. On top of that, a real man would take care of his feet, maintain it at least a little, so it doesn’t look like dinosaur feet.

What’s even more surprising is the reaction you might get from women about your feet.

I didn’t start to wear sandals and flip flops until I went to college. I was always afraid of what people might say about my feet. Most guys never showed their feet, they always wore socks, so I figured my feet probably just as bad as those guys.

The first time I decided to wear sandals without any socks, a few girls on my dorm room floor commented on my feet. It was a shock cuz I never thought girls even cared about a man’s feet but apparently they do.

Ever since then, I wear sandals when the weather is nice. I’ve even worn them to just hang out with friends, going to the movies, etc. Here’s a couple of pictures on styles. Do’s and Don’ts!

What do you think, should guys wear flip flop and sandals or is that an unmanly thing to do?

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