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Comedian Mo’nique made some interesting points when on an episode of her show, she had a couple on who advised women to submit to their men more. Her and her guests went on to explain how it is the natural order of things.

I do agree that women can stand to be more submissive to their mate and allow him to take the lead in the relationship. However, here is where I have a problem with this theory. Not every man is worth submission. Not every man deserves a woman that is undoubtedly loyal to only him. Unfortunately many women chose the wrong men to submit to and this ruins the idea of love and trust within a relationship for them for life.

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Another thing that I want to throw out is that if more men were more honest, loyal, and took the role as being a leader and provider more seriously in a relationship/family then perhaps more women would be willing to trust a man’s leadership and submit. It is hard to submit to anyone and follow their lead if you think that they could lead you down a path of sadness, heartbreak, and suffering. In other words, it is easier for a woman to submit if she trusts the man’s, judgment, and intentions towards her and knows that they are good.

My advice to women is yes submission can be a wonderful thing in a relationship. But when you are with the wrong man, or you continuously choose the wrong men to submit to, then it taints the idea of relinquishing control. Be selective in who you decide to submit to. Be selective in the type of man who you allow to take a leadership role in the relationship. Get to know him, his heart and his spirit. Know yourself. What you want and do not want.

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So my question is, if more women become willing to submit and allow the man to take the lead, will more men stand up and truly take the role? I need to know men. Will you be the provider? Will you be moral? Will you be willing to sacrifice your own needs for the betterment of your family? Will you be selfless when on the inside you would rather be selfish? These are all things that any man who wants his woman to submit to him must be willing to provide her in order for there to never be feelings of a lack of reciprocity. In essence that is what submission is about. Reciprocity. I give to you, provide you with your needs and I trust you enough to know that .you in turn will play your role and give to me in the way that I need. In other words, don’t just submit to any joker….

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