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Author: Creflo Dollar



Everyone has emotions, but our emotions should never control us. Negative emotions move us away from God’s plan for our lives. We must monitor our thoughts because they produce our feelings. Negative emotions torment us. However, when our thoughts agree with God’s Word, we experience divine peace.



  1. Transform your thinking by studying God’s Word; resist any mindset that opposes the Word (Romans 12:1-3).
    1. Where do you get your information?
      1. When our thinking agrees more with the norms of society than the Bible, we become susceptible to depression, hurt, and discontentment.
      2. God has given us authority over everything in the Earth, including our emotions (Genesis 1:26-28).
  2. Emotions are feelings on the inside of us, caused by pain or pleasure, that move us in a certain direction.
    1. We cannot depend on our emotions because they are always changing.
      1. God has given us the right to choose life or death (Deuteronomy 30:19).
      2. When our thoughts agree with God’s promises, we experience life and peace.
      3. Satan tries to distract us by presenting us with information that opposes God’s Word.
      4. We must train ourselves to keep our minds focused on God.
      5. Become a student of the Bible and be sure you understand what you read.
  3. How did Jesus deal with His negative emotions?
    1. Like us, Jesus was tempted to give in to negative emotions, but He did not submit to them (Hebrews 4:15, AMP).
      1. Faced with the horror of being beaten to death and dying on the cross, Jesus became extremely depressed (Mark 14:32-36, AMP).
    2. However, He managed to continue moving forward and began to pray (Mark 14:35).
    3. We, too, can resist emotional temptation by pressing forward and faithfully praying.
      1. Resist the devil and He will flee from you.
      2. In the midst of trouble, turn to God and expect Him to help you through the challenges you face.


Scripture References:


  • Romans 12:1- 3
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