Willow is a music sensation, Jaden is on the big screen, Will is working on Men In Black 3, and Jada's series 'Hawthorne' is about to be in it's third season . The Smith family is depply rooted in the entertainment buisness. So, why are the nay-sayers downplaying Jada-Pinkett-Smith parenting skills? She's recently set the record straight and reveals her biggest sacrafice durring the filming of 'The Persuit of Hapiness'

A movie theather, full size kitchen, and a gym is parked in a district in New York that is Will Smith's temporary home while filming Men In Black III. The residents in the area where it is thinks it's a nuisance! Keep reading to see what else this two story abode has.


Will Smith is reportedly attached to a film project titled “Joe,” which is being described as a modern version of the Biblical story of Job.

Will Smith will step into the Old Testament for his next movie role. He play the ever suffering servant Job.


The Los Angeles Times is reporting that the production schedule for “Men in Black III” has been pushed back yet again and won’t resume filming until March 28

Will Smith shares valuable lessons in this video mix of interviews. The underlying principles can apply to any believer in Christ. Although, he often mentions the universe, don’t let that distract you, we know who Controls the universe. What is to be gained here is the principle, “As a man thinks, so is he”, Porverbs […]

They are remaking "The Karate Kid" and Jaden Smith is the star!