When it comes to preparing healthy meals at home, don't underestimate the value of your freezer. A well-stocked freezer can save you a trip to the store when you're pressed for time, which could mean the difference between making dinner and ordering in.

Most of us want to eat healthy, but with all the information around, it can be hard to know just how to go about it. Registered dietitian Ellie Krieger, the host of the popular Food Network show Healthy Appetite, cuts through all the unnecessary stuff to show you what works for her—and what will work for you, too.

What’s the name of your daughter’s teacher, and where did you put your keys again? If you’ve ever wished you could do some simple things to sharpen your memory skills, you can. We’ve talked to the experts and compiled the latest thinking on improving the muscles in your brain associated with memory.

If you are what you eat, then I should weigh-in at under $1 a pound.