via:eurweb According to, young Christians long for the restoration of the church they read about in the Bible, says Caitlyn Brick. They want to be part of a community of believers similar to the one in the second chapter of Acts — a church that helps the poor and breaks bread together “with glad […]

Sometimes it can be hard to do what you set out to do. For whatever reason, the values that you hold dear, like work ethic, are not doing anything for you at a particular moment. Maybe you set goals for yourself, but in the end, you feel like you are contradicting yourself because they never […]


Via: Teaching your children values will help them make good choices in their lives. Today’s world is ever changing and very fast paced. In years past children grew up in a small community or with just their families and their challenges were much different. 1. What are your values? Teaching values to our children […]

Via: An important aspect of building a strong family is teaching values to your children. Children with strong character are more capable of resisting negative influences.