Don’t expect to see any blue and yellow, double-decker buses traveling between Austin and Houston anytime soon. According to KHOU, the route cancellation has something to do with…

 Via: It’s that time again—summer travel season. You might be dreading it because you’re afraid to part with your heard-earned cash, but not to worry. You don’t have to break the bank to enjoy a fun, satisfying summer vacation. There are tons of resources available to you. Airfare, Cruises, and Hotels. The travel website […]

Via Responding on Monday to four lawsuits alleging that Bishop Eddie Long coerced young men into sexual relations, New Birth Missionary Baptist Church acknowledged that the accusers accompanied the pastor on trips but said it could not confirm or deny whether anything inappropriate took place, reports the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. The Lithonia megachurch, in its […]

It’s no secret that women we pack double the amount of clothes than men do. For a tropical cruise, take a cue from the fellas and adopt the less is more attitude.