As we approach the Thanksgiving holiday, many of us are looking forward to all of the delicious food we’re going to devour.  All of the items we normally refrain from to keep our bodies in presentable order we eat during this time. 

HISD students only get Wednesday through Friday off for Thanksgiving break, but in many surrounding school districts, students have the entire week off. Here are some ideas of events to


        By Elizabeth Campbell via:yahoo Americans will be paying more for their Thanksgiving turkeys this month after rising feed costs led to reduced output in the U.S. U.S. wholesale, frozen turkeys jumped to $1.09 a pound on average yesterday, the highest price ever and up 28 percent from a year earlier, according […]

      By Maris Callahan via:shine   Halloween may mark the beginning of a festive, holiday season but it also marks the beginning of the time of year when most people are prone to gaining weight. While recent reports have suggested that the average person gains 7 to 10 pounds between Thanksgiving and Christmas, […]

          By Joy Bauer via:shine Halloween marks the beginning of the holiday season—a fun time of year for enjoying friends and family, but also filled with edible booby traps! Candy for trick-or-treaters is everywhere, and pretty soon we’ll be seeing Thanksgiving pies and Christmas cookies, too. But that doesn’t have to […]