A new survey is revealing that Americans feel like Blacks were treated more fairly in 2007 than now.

via:christianpost A recent survey taken by LifeWay Research shows a majority of adults in the U.S. believe businesses and organizations should be mandated to provide contraception and birth control for their employees. Interestingly, the respondents feel even organizations and businesses with strong religious objections should not be exempted. According to the LifeWay Research survey, nearly […]


    via:christianpost   A new poll by the PewResearchCenter has found that although many Americans believe rich people are smart and work hard for their money, many also believe that the rich are greedy and dishonest.  What is more, 58 percent of respondents said they believe the rich pay too little when it comes […]

  via:christianpost   An online quiz started a year ago that examines how consistently Christians are living out the teachings of Jesus Christ has found an increase in the number of believers who are “Christians in name only.”  “The results are disturbing, as 1 in 3 self-proclaimed Christians admit they rarely live the teachings of […]

According to Forbes Magazine, the city of Houston is a great place to find a job. In fact Forbes Magazine ranked cities across the country…

    via:christianpost   A soon to be published survey on the spiritual habits of American adults found that nearly 70 percent of respondents consider Easter to be a religious observance.  The survey, which was part of several conducted by the American Bible Society and the Barna Group, found that 69 percent of U.S. adults […]

Who decides what's beautiful and what's not in our society? I've always wondered why some women are considered drop dead gorgeous while others, not so much. In the past, the standard of beauty in America has been "blonde hair, blue eyes, and skinny". It's no secret that as African American women, we are known for our larger butts and boobs, fuller lips and darker skin which obviously the complete opposite of the standard "American Beauty stereotype", or however you choose to look at it. In this day and age however, as we see women of other races becoming successful in Hollywood, that standard has changed with the majority of women wanting curvier bodies, fuller lips, and darker skin! Give it up for the sistas!