In Faith Walking, Erica Campbell talks about people who love church on Sunday.

In this edition of the Ericaism, Erica Campbell explains that Sunday mornings can be a busy time for moms.

March 30 Is The First Annual Nationwide Friend Sunday   With the warmth of an outstretched hand from one friend to another, churches across the…

Grammy Award-winner Kirk Franklin has joined forces with House of Blues to produce a dazzling transformation of Gospel Brunch, its legendary dining and live music show. Kirk Franklin Presents Gospel Brunch at House of Blues is held every other Sunday at 1 pm. The new Gospel Brunch experience is infused with the same kind of […]

By Eryn Sun via:christianpost Have Sunday morning services become a chore to “get done” at the beginning of the day, simply to be checked off a long list of many weekend to-dos?  If so, attending or resurrecting an evening service may help transform the mindset of many Christians today Read More

As soon as Sunday service begins, the congregation is on its feet, clapping and swaying to the soul-stirring songs that usher them into a joy-filled worship experience. No matter how you felt coming to church, it’s difficult not to feel good once the choir takes command. Source: CASSANDRA SPRATLING, DETROIT FREE PRESS

Can you still be cool and pray? I stumbled upon a discussion amongst manly Christian men, the kind who love Wild at Heart and in-your-face preaching by pastors with untucked shirttails, and who harbor visions of standing up to thugs and infidels. They were discussing how best to fight evil in the world. I suggested

Billing itself as “the faith-based Crash,” the new film I Am opens in more than 2,000 churches this Sunday — 10/10/10, an apt release date for a story based on the Ten Commandments. The drama, set in Los Angeles, features

Over a million people took to the streets of São Paulo, Brazil, on Thursday for the 18th annual March for Jesus.


"Please Continue to Pray For Our Commander And Chief Of These United States Of American, His Family, His Administration, Congress,This Country And All Local, National And International Leaders" 1 Timothy 2:1-3