In today’s edition of the Love Talk, Erica Campbell talks about the fact that texting has become so popular in our society that it often gets in the way of us speaking to each other live and in person! Just because texting is so fast and convenient, doesn’t mean it’s always the best way to […]

Did you know $800 million in lottery winnings goes unclaimed in America every year?  $50 million of that is just here in Texas.  That’s why…

According to LinkedIn, applicants who apply for job opportunities on the first day they’re posted are 10% more likely to land the job. That means…

Microsoft says they didn't mean it that way; they made the app so it can help folks from straying into the wrong areas!

By Sam Grobart via:yahoofinance Ariel Dunitz-Johnson, a 30-year-old illustrator in San Francisco, bought a point-and-shoot camera in May. But in July, she bought a smartphone, with a camera built in. Soon, whenever she wanted to take a picture, she found herself reaching for the smartphone, a Droid Incredible. She barely uses her point-and-shoot, a Panasonic […]

In the US, we are paying a average of $2.73 a gallon to get around town! But have you ever wondered how much a gallon of gas cost in other parts of the country? What about somewhere like Caracas, Venezuela or Hong Kong? You might be surprised after reading this!

            by Jason Notte via:yahoofinance   Picking up an Apple iPad or clamoring for Amazon’s Kindle? You may as well get a DVD player, too, as their combined usefulness is on the clock. The future of technology is integration, something Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android products have a better grasp of […]