Via: Is The Black Church Keeping Black Women Single?  (CNN) — Legs covered in skin-toned stockings, her skirt crisp to the knee, Patty Davis slips on the black heels she has shined for the day. “Got to look good in the Lord’s house,” she says as she spritzes her neck with White Diamonds perfume […]

Check out this inspiring poem about being a single mother and a plea for the brothers to reclaim their position as head of household.

*Three years ago I sat in a crowded Compton, CA church (Love and Unity) and witnessed one of the most incredible recordings I’ve ever heard. It was the Soul Seekers’ live recording

“Nightline” is set to air the edited version of its 2.5 hour town hall meeting in Decatur earlier this month on Wednesday, April 21 at 10:35 p.m.

By Tarvenia Jones at I’ve been on the shelf in my dating life for a little while now. Not just me but a few of my closest friends as well. But I’ve decided it’s time to get off of the shelf, dust off and get back out in the dating world.

One thing that is for certain when thinking about how God created us is that we are all sexual beings. Birds do it, bees do it, and humans since the dawn of time have done it. But just how much has the act really changed through the millennia and even in past decades? Are humans […]

In my last post, “Manolos Vs. Maddens: A Lesson About Why Men Don’t Pursue,” I dealt with the question of why some men just don’t pursue to numerous quality women that are in their lives. I won’t repeat the entire article, but essentially the point was this — why pursue when you don’t have to? […]