By Jennipher Walters via:shine So the holidays are almost over and you’re probably feeling like the rest of Americans right now: bloated, tired and a little heavier than usual. Instead of going on a crash diet or thinking that you have to go to the gym for hours on end to start feeling like your […]


via:shine Our facial skin is one of the first things people notice about us, yet—when our lives get super busy—it’s also one of the first things we neglect. Sure, makeup can cover up imperfections, but having a genuinely pretty, natural glow really isn’t as difficult to achieve as you’d think. For most folks (barring serious […]

Our great friends over at featured a new piece on their site that we just had to share with you! Check out their fabulous finds on your favorite gospel singers and saints rocking big sleeve blouses, bold, shimmery and shiny fabrics: Expressing oneself through church clothing is a creative outlet for many people, no […]

          By: Pipper Weiss via:shine   A few years ago, men staked their claim on a corner of their house. A mini-fridge, a La-Z-boy and a universal remote control turned any basement alcove into the ultimate ‘Man Cave.’ Now it’s moms’ turn.  These days, many matriarchs are building makeshift kid-and-husband-free zones […]