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Roland Martin and NewsOne Now discuss Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump's remarks regarding race, policing, and healing the racial divide.

Real estate mogul, devout friend to the Republican party, and now all-round bellyacherDonald Trump should be eating crow right about now but instead, he chose to lambast President Barack Obama on Twitter forwinning his consecutive bid for the presidency on Tuesday night. The offensively coiffed trillionaire’s Twitter meltdown was a juvenile display of sour grapes after Obama decisively defeated the Republican candidate Mitt Romney: Click here […]

via: The expectations are very different for Obama vs. Romney, Round 2. And the stakes are enormous. Democrats are nervous. A race many of them thought was a lock just a few weeks ago is now a dead heat, the momentum with the other side. See More

via:christianpost Democratic strategists are scrambling to deploy a “Big Bird” strategy against Mitt Romney, but the debate over whether public broadcasting should continue to be subsidized has become serious business. During last Wednesday’s presidential debate, Republican nominee Mitt Romney mentioned Big Bird, a puppet from PBS’ “Sesame Street,” in making an argument about what could […]

via; With its wonky arguments about taxes and health care, Wednesday’s presidential debate may not have been the most riveting 90 minutes of the 2012 campaign. But the faceoff between President Obama and GOP challenger Mitt Romney produced no shortage of humor on Twitter, where observers cracked jokes about everything from Romney’s perceived swipe […]

He’s seen many debates over the years, so is tonight’s debate between President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney any different than debates past? ABC’s Sam Donaldson joins Lana and JP on our sister station News 92 FM to discuss what we can expect from both candidates, and how this debate may differ from those in […]