Being a mom can be so much work, from getting the kids up and ready for school, to going through a whole day of working a lot and then coming home to be a mom again. Erica Campbell tells a story of a woman who was really overwhelmed with all the duties she had as […]

The experience that you have under your belt, plus the advice from experts, can help protect your child from a bully. 1.  Take action if…

Pastor Gregg Matte, Houston’s First Baptist Church The TV is on, the station is set, and my son and I sit down to enjoy America’s pastime. More than just wanting to know the final score of the game, this is a bonding moment between my 8-year-old son and me, his 40-year-old dad. He is

FROM SHINE.COM: What would your kids be saying about your family memories lately? Think simple, fun rituals that involve all the kids — and mom and dad. Here are a few ways to get started… I started asking moms and dads to pass on some simple, no-cost secrets they use to create happy memories.