The controversy stems from a footnote in the brutal history of U.S. treatment of Native Americans. When many Indians were forced to move to what later became Oklahoma from the eastern U.S. in 1838, some who had owned plantations in the South brought along their slaves.


          By Piper Weiss via:shine Halloween is a time to be thankful… that you don’t live in Walnut, California. Trick-or-treaters in that town need a permit to wear a mask. The code strictly states: “No person shall wear a mask or disguise on a public street without a permit from the […]


By Joel Kotkin, Forbes.com via:yahoorealestate  The U.S.’ emerging cities are not experiencing the kind of super-charged growth one sees in urban areas of the developing world, notably China and India. But unlike Europe, North America’s population is slated to expand by well over 100 million people by 2050–much of this growth in the U.S. and […]